Bat For Lashes - Daniel

I. am. obsessed.



She knelt beside the flowers
Her palms drenched in rose petals
It was not nor day or night,
But a black and white haze
She had dreams, true ambitions
That flooded her eyes
Came pouring down into a glass like wine
Her energy, original, cold
She pulled her hair back
Away from her face
And then, a light shined
Through the shrubbery
And she followed it
Into the darkness


Malicious threads of blissful
Sounds of sorrowful
Melodies play softly in transparent waves of fresh

Your worldly travels are consumed of stories,
Filled with mischief and deceit, have blossomed off of the
Map that is hung by thumbtacks against my wall become

Although there have been biographies of authors
All too many who are unfortunately unknown of any past loved
Young frat boy studying literature at the near by university

But I have set up a table of granite
Waiting upon your arrival above of all imagery
Your face reflected by my mirror is of utter beauty

Never have I realized of such clear
Thought that has awoken me of presence and
Awareness of what is to be of our route to be but will never be