Alternative Way to Blowdry & Volumize Your Hair.

Instead of having your gorgeous locks vulnerable to the heat of a blowdryer or become greasy from the chemicals of your volumizer try a natural way of obtaining both the results of each process-
practice yoga.

Now, this is my own theory but I truly believe it works- at least it has been working for me!

1. So after shampooing and conditioning your hair comb/brush it out.
2. Then towel dry it a bit, but not too much or it gets nutty.
3. Next find a comfortable, quiet, soothing place to practice some gentle yoga exercises for about 20 minutes, or more if you like.
4. Afterwards your hair should look a bit like you were playing in the jungle with tigers and monkeys.
5. Finally comb/brush your hair again and voila! Beautiful and naturally volumized hair.

Here is a great 20 minute yoga session to get you started: