The Road Ahead

After a very hectic week,
and while in the mist of one,
I am truly looking forward to not only the weeks ahead,
but also for the life that leads afterwards.

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I've reached 2,500 followers on Pinterest!
Very happy news 
I'm a big fan of Pinterest & love to pin anything I adore.

If you're not already following me, then please do!
I'd love to inspire & be inspired by you.


Thrift Store Haul

Sometime last week I had a few hours to kill while in the city.
I figured I'd do some shopping at Beacon's Closet,
making this my second purchase in a week from them, both in store and online.
I know, I know. Jeez.
Can't help it if they were the earliest to open and closest thrift store at the time!

Anyway, I was rummaging through the racks for about an hour.
Shown below are the wonderful purchases that I had made.

A mermaid silhouette maxi skirt
A wirey, silver beaded dangling belt
A genuine leather backpack
(priced at only $30 mind you)

'Twas a good haul.



want all of this, right now.


Thrift Store Jackpot

Eskimo Clog Booties - Belle by Sigerson Morrison

Last night I was casually up until three in the morning browsing through some of my favorite thrift stores' online shops.
Luckily, I made my way to Beacon's Closet.
I stumbled upon the pair of booties seen above and was immediately drawn to their bohoesque, native american vibe.
They were respectively priced at $80.
I decided to research the pair and found that they're actually from Belle by Sigerson Morrison and retail for $450!
My eyes widened as I realized what a steal this was, seeing that in comparison the shoes were being sold on discounted sites for at least $150 and up!
I proceeded to checkout and completed my order.
Just thinking about these booties arriving at my doorstep is all too stupidly exciting.



Feeling dreary
feeling down & uninspired.
I think there's a cloud overhead.


Hiding in the Attic

I've always loved my attic (a.k.a my bedroom).
It's my dreamy treehouse,
my escape space,
mimicking a little studio apartment.
I love adding new decor and finding said objects in obscure places.
Found this spirit soothing, Indian native tapestry from a vendor at a local music festival.
Pile of Interior Magazines from Maison & Objet
Antique headboard found upstate, somewhere near New Paltz, New York.
One of my many dried flower bouquets resting on my nightstand.
The flowers were gifts from different occasions,
the bird is from my mother's craft collection,
and the butterflies were from the table centerpieces of prom.
A slim, mini tapestry I found during one of the flea markets at my college.
I added the pearl necklace for a vintage feel.
My many coffee table books stacked next to this fun vase filled with beach sand.
Angels, acorns, flames, & castles.
Incense burning station.


I've come to realize that I am super sensitive to my surroundings.
I have to be in a place that inspires me.
Around people that beam with creativity & passion.
If I am not inspired, then I become a very depressed lion.



Nostalgic Recap: Coachella Music & Arts Festival 2012

With Coachella 2013 quickly approaching
I thought it was the perfect time to post some old photographs I had taken
during my first trip to the festival back in 2012.



The weather in New York is beautiful...

and life in this moment is right where it should be.


in love with this

Collage Mix

Faded Lust
Still Time
Lullaby Mix
Lion's Den Dance


Funky Fre$h Lion's Den

I need some inspiration
Some good hearted beats
I want to be free and healthy
And keep away the freaks
I don't want to worry
No worry for me
Just keep me safe
While staying free