Summer. Summer has found it's end.
The ocean waves fear the sand.
The breeze begins to make us shiver.
The sun rays feel duller than usual, and
That smoky heat fizzles out like a beaten flame.
Summer Heat  © Kurt Arrigo


Really Fuckin Cute

Backyard Jam Party.
Halo Halo.
Surfaces' Galore.
Surprise Doodles.
PC Bound.
Rooftop Farm.
Not Boarding.
Iced Thai Bubble Tea.
Smoke Bubbles.
Yachts & Wedding Crashers & 5-Ways.


Knight in his rugged beat armor
He is shining far off into the distance
The night sky is a royal blue
And I wait far away from you.

Past the rustling trees of these here woods
Lay our kingdom awaiting for our arrival
Confetti will float high
And I wait for a knights tale.

When will cupid's arrow pierce my veins
With his infectious heroin blood
I'm addicted to the hero of my own story
And I wait to be his one and only heroine.

He rides his stead into the sunset
I am the wild thing
He rides me deep into the soil
And I wait to blossom into his rose.

His face is shunned by blurry silver
All I see is the reflection of myself in his
We are but one in this fantasy
And I wait for our happily ever after.


Some Days Ago...

helped bake a semi-edible cherry pie for an edi
oh yeah, twas il mio compleano
surprise birthday balloon thievery
my gypsy fairy goddess lorde