"I miss you already"

Tuesday was the day we presented our Senior Competition.
I am so proud of not only my group, but every other group.
We all did an amazing job.
Thursday was my last class with all the wonderful people from my major.
We all went to brunch with our Professor.
After brunch, we watched a montage of all the photographs we've taken over the past two years.
It was very emotional and some of us even cried!
Later, some of us went for afternoon drinks
(because we just couldn't cut the cord)

I am so glad for entering this major,
for all the amazing experiences that I've had
and for all the beautiful friends that I've made,
who almost aren't even my friends at all,
they're now my family.
Including our Professor, who after the end of our class,
emailed all of us simply saying
"I miss you already"